UltraMixer for PC

Are you the one who loves DJ mixing songs? UltraMixer is software that enables you to create audio mixes in multiple digital formats on your PC and too in a real-time. It has a simple and easy to use interface, allowing both inexperienced and professionals to use this software easily.

The software is highly powerful for mixing a variety of audio formats that include MP3, Windows Media files, CDs, M4A files and others. This software is quite effective in playing back the videos in a number of formats in much better quality.

It is designed to give you a similar experience like using an actual DJ toolset. So, if you always dreamed of accessing DJ, now with the help of this software, it has become easier for you to operate DJ toolset on your PC. It provides digital sound plays instead of vinyl turntables, but if you want to use vinyls, it can easily be accessed through File Archive.

Now, you need not look for an expensive DJ operator to make your party more entertaining and full of fun. When you have this software, you can make any event whether at home, restaurants or anywhere more enjoyable with the help of this mixer board on your PC.

It is considered as the best software to be used as a jukebox for your DJ shop or business.

Some Exciting Features of UltraMixer for PC

  • UltraMixer software has two sound players, where each has its own controls.
  • It comes with an integrated file explorer that enables you to browse your music easily and quickly.
  • It allows you to play previously created files by importing and exporting M3U playlists and keeps you away from starting it from the beginning every time you choose it to play.
  • It provides all kinds of tools which are found in the professional and original DJ toolset. These include looping, songs editing, pitch settings, and others.
  • It offers a 16 channel sample player.
  • Its interface is capable of optimizing with a keyboard, mouse or MIDI controllers.

If you want to learn professional DJ skills and looking for software that can help you in achieving your goals, UltraMixer for PC is a perfect choice for you to have full control over the music.


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