VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is among the most popular, free and open-source cross-platform media player software and streaming media server. It is developed by VideoLAN non-profit organisation licensed under GNU GPL v2, available for multiple platforms including Windows operating System. The robust free media player allows you to play multi-format playback media files. VLC Media Player, popularly known as VLC supports versatile audio and video compression methods and formats. VLC is popularly known as the best choice for people all around the world to play almost any kind of media. It also recognised as serving the best streaming support with ability to stream media from various networks. The simplistic, fast and powerful user-interface, high compatibility, ability to play all codecs, streaming protocols, media conversion and customisation makes it to the top in the list. It proudly competes and outperforms known media players such as Real Media Player, QuickTime and Windows Media Player.

Key Features


VLC Media Player resonate flexibility in its ability to play almost any kind of video or audio file format. In 2001, it appeared as revolutionary free media playback solution resolving all kind of playback error issues of the existing media players at that time. All because of its versatility and flexibility to play all kind of media file formats.

Fast Hardware Decoding

VLC does the fast hardware decoding so the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is responsible for uninterrupted playback. It falls back to the software only when required without affecting windows performance.

Plays All Formats

VLC can play all kinds of media formats that you can think of including video, audio, disc, streaming, input media, input formats, advanced formats and others. It plays the most popular file formats like FLV, MPEG, MP4, MP3, WMV, QuickTime, AVI, RMBV, H.264 and more.

User-friendly Interface

VLC strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and accessibility in its user-interface. It is easy to use, comes with drag and drop option to open the files, classic navigation buttons, playback buttons, advanced controls, multiple skins and shortcuts.


VLC is a cross-platform media player which can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Android, MacOS, Windows NT, iOS, Linux, Apple TV, Windows phone and more.

Advanced Controls

With its simplistic interface, it surprises you with a plethora of tools, advance settings, customisations, pre-sets, special effects, range compressions, subtitle synchronisation, filters and much more.

Wiki Help Guide

VLC media player is for all kinds of users from novice to experts. It has an optional learning curve where it can easily mastered by wiki help guide. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions to perform all kinds of actions and learn technical aspects to use it more efficiently.


VLC Media Player proven to be the most popular, liked and high-rated multi-platform free media player. With simple yet highly equipped with tools, features, plugins, advanced controls, customisation, codec support, media compressions, fast hardware decoding, skins, plugins and streaming protocols, it can play almost all kinds of audio and video file format. It is a one-stop media playback solution to play all kinds of formats on any kind of device including windows.


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