VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber

Imagine your elder brother comes back home during a holiday and very nostalgically goes through his old CD collection. If he finds a song that he wants to share with you, he might tell you to listen. And if you want to save the song for yourself and listen to it through your phone or MP3 player, what do you do? The answer to this question should be- open VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber.

VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber is a tool that allows you to take media files from your compact disk and store them in another file format on your device. This allows users to enjoy their treasured collection of songs and audio files much more easily. This is a great tool for all those who want to store their precious data in the best possible way.

Here are a few features that will convince you that this tool is the right choice for you-

Supports All File Formats

All Audio Formats are supported by this tool. Be it MP3 format, OGG, AMR or AU, you can use this tool to convert your files into any format you want. This ensures that the users have complete freedom and can choose between any format and store their files in any way they want.

Audio Track Recognition

This tool not only allows users to store their favorite tunes in a new format but it also allows them to identify new tracks they might have discovered in an old CD. It directly connects to the FreeDB server to recognize the song and give its album information. This makes it a great way to expand your music library and change the way you find and store new songs.

All-Optical Drive Models Supported

The tool supports all optical drive models, be it Bluray, CD or DVD. This makes it much easier for users to use this tool for different sources. It provides the tool great flexibility, making it a very easy-to-use and reliant tool to have on your system.

All these features truly make VSDC Free Audio Cd Grabber the right tool to fulfill all your requirements. So go ahead and download today!


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