WhatsApp for PC

These days when almost all people, from teens to adults, and even aged people, are using WhatsApp on their mobile phones, we think it does not require explaining WhatsApp from the very basics.

Do you know that now you can use WhatsApp on your PC as well? Many of you might be unaware of this fact. But, it is true.

But still, many of us have either never used WhatsApp or have just started using it, for those people we would like to share what WhatsApp does for you.

WhatsApp is a free messaging app which is officially available for Android devices, but as we have said earlier that this app can also be used and enjoyed on Windows PC easily. This app enables you to send message and do video and voice call to your friends and family.

The days have gone when you have to spend money on sending SMS to your well-wisher, now WhatsApp has gained popularity all around the world that currently millions of people are using this app to communicate with others, no matter where he/she is located.

To access WhatsApp for PC or on your phone, you need an internet connection, which enables you to send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, voice messages and can even perform voice and video calls. All features can only be accessed if internet on your device is working properly.

Features of WhatsApp

  • You need not pay even a single penny to use WhatsApp.
  • It allows you to send and receive photos, messages, videos and documents
  • You can make free video and voice calls to your friends and family even if they are in another country and use WhatsApp.
  • You can join or create your own group and can chat with the contacts added in that particular group.
  • WhatsApp simply works with your phone number and can synchronize your phone with PC using WhatsApp Web.
  • Once you synchronize WhatsApp on your PC, it will remain active as long as you have WhatsApp on your phone with internet connection.
  • The app saves your messages if your internet is not working and once it gets turned on, you can see all messages on it.

To use it on your PC, simply use WhatsApp Web, that’s all.


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