Winamp for PC

Do you love to listen to music? Do you prefer to spend your free time or the end of your hectic day by listening to different kinds of music? If yes, then this media player is just for you.

Winamp is a media player app that allows you to enjoy your favorite music on your PC. This app is developed by Nullsoft and is used to play streamed audio and video files, whether you want to enjoy them live or have recorded them on your PC, from around the world.

Being a media player exclusively created to use on Windows PC, therefore, millions of people or we can also say music lovers are using Winamp on their PC. No matter what type of file you are going to download or stream in this app, it supports a wide range of audio and video formats that include MP3, MIDI, OGG, MOD, AVI, MPEG, NSV, and many others.

Winamp for PC allows you to play and import music from an audio CD, it is also capable of burning music to CDs, giving you the facility to import or export your favorite music on CDs, allowing you to access music wherever you want.

Not only this, you can also change the look and feel of this media player app with the help of thousands of skins and plug-ins available in the app. Moreover, you also have the freedom to add new features and make this media player more customizable so that you can use it in your own way.

Key Features You Must Know About Winamp

  • It supports various languages.
  • It supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • The player has well-improved playlist generator.
  • You can also add the toolbar and control the playback of the app from your browser.
  • It enables you to access thousands of free songs and videos, as well as online radio stations with XM satellite radio and internet radio.
  • It also provides extendable support for portable media players, it means you can access your media library anywhere through an internet connection and enjoy your music.

It is quite easier to install, with just a few clicks, Winamp would be on your PC.


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