Wire – Private Messenger for PC

No doubt, you can find numerous messaging apps out there available in the market. Some of them offer good chatting features, while some of them work great in transferring video and audio files. But what if you get a messaging app that offers a variety of functionalities and gives you an unmatchable messaging experience?

One such app is Wire, which is a private online messaging app that not only allows you to enjoy chatting with your friends but enables you to make video and voice calls privately. Using Wire Private Messenger means you can chat with your friends and family using pics, GIFs, music, videos, etc.

You know what? This wonderful private messenger can be downloaded on a Windows PC. Now, you can easily imagine the fun, convenience and user experience when you get a chance to use this ultimate messenger on your PC.

Amazing Features of Wire – Private Messenger for PC

  • The design of this messenger with the gray and white combination is something that soothes your eyes, especially when you are using it on the large screen of your PC.
  • It has one feature ‘ping’ which is similar to Poke feature in Facebook.
  • You are allowed to invite as many people as you want and you can also start a group chat when using this messenger.
  • Wire has almost no lag when you upload any image and share it with your friends.
  • Not only this, this messenger provides you a facility to share YouTube videos with your friends. The previews of SoundCloud and YouTube videos are embedded and rendered when you add their URLs. Though it is not something unique, this feature makes Wire a better messenger choice.
  • In addition to text chats, this messaging app provides you a facility to enjoy a voice chat with your friends.
  • This app also has a stereo feature that keeps the users in ‘virtual space’ to be able to distinguish voice directionality.
  • It supports the integration of various video streaming apps such as Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, enabling users to share music and videos through the chats.
  • All chats and calls in Wire are encrypted and allows users to have access to the previous chat history.

It is recommended to try Wire – Private Messenger for PC and connect with your friends and team.


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