WonderFox Photo Watermark

A working professional, a student and an artist all have the world is their disposal with access to the internet. They can gain feedback and suggestions with just a few clicks of the button, making sure that your message and artwork reaches thousands of people you would not have otherwise been able to reach. But sharing your work online might also lead to intellectual property theft and may take away all your hard work. Watermarks have long been used as a way to mark or stamp work with your own logo or name.

With Wonderfox Photo Watermark, it is easy to protect your work and make sure that every person that comes across it will have some indication so as to the source of the work. It ensures that you leave an imprint in the minds of all those who view your work.

Here are reasons why you should pick this tool to make sure your hard work is always acknowledged and credited to you-

Multiple Photos Simultaneously

No need to mark the photos of your entire shoot, portfolio or thesis individually. With this tool, you can mark up to 200 photos at the same time. This makes your task 200 times easier, and a lot more tedious isn’t it?

Image Markers or Text Markers

You can use either text or even a photo to use as a watermark for your work. This allows organizations to mark their documents with their logo. This can be used by organizations to create letterheads or institutes to mark the study material they provide students. It also allows individuals to select from a wide variety of options to ensure that their requirements are met.

Easy to Use Interface

If you have not been able to wrap your head around photoshop or other editing tools and worry that you need an entirely new skill set to be able to mark your pictures with a watermark, you can put your mind at rest. With this tool, any beginner can achieve their goal with a few simple clicks making it a very user-friendly choice.

Allows Editing

Not only does this tool serve the function of making and marking photos with watermarks, but it also allows the user to edit the photos with tools that aid cropping, resizing and renaming the photos. Not only this, it ensures that the quality of the pictures remains intact.

Download the Wonderfox Photo Watermark tool to watermark all your photos with ease!


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