X-Mouse Button Control

Having a computer is supposed to make your task easier. But when you’re loaded with work and need to accomplish N number of goals within the hour, you just can’t help but feel frustrated that you need to scroll and click on options every now and then or remember 20 different shortcut keys for simple tasks. Here’s a solution for you- X Mouse Button Control.

X Mouse Button Control is a tool that works on Windows and allows users to configure their mouse to function in any way they see fit. It allows users to customize the configuration of their mouse and it’s behavior.

Features of X-Mouse Button Control

Gaming Galore

If you own devices that help you achieve higher scores or better results when you are playing a game, there are many things you can use this tool for. If you own a mouse with 5 buttons and own consoles or computers that do not support these functions, you can always map a key to these buttons to make full use of all the devices available to you.

Chameleon-like Demeanor

It is possible to assign certain functionalities to the mouse buttons to suit your different requirements. The tool can be used to allow different roles to the mouse button when it moves over a different window. That means the mouse wheel can be used for scrolling in all windows except your music player, for which it can be used to control volume.

Easy to Learn

The tool comes with online support and a user guide. It is easy to learn and one can use this tool without any hassle. One can manage to customize their mouse button functions without knowing much about computers or being proficient with technology. This tool gives you easy access to all the functions.

Supported by Multiple Softwares

This tool is supported by Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012 and Windows Vista. This allows various users to access this tool without having to switch their operating software or worry about the compatibility of the tool with their current configuration. It also supports specific Windows operating systems such as Flip3D, ModernUI/Metro, Virtual Desktops, etc.

Now, make sure your mouse can serve every purpose you require it for, without having to spend on expensive devices. Make the most of all the hardware available to you and maximize your productivity by using this tool.


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