Do you ever wonder how much space is really occupied by certain kinds of files in your storage devices? Do you wish to know the contents and composition of your hard disk or network drive? Xinorbis is the right tool for you to make sure you can analyze your portable storage devices.

Xinorbis is a hard drive, folder, and storage analyzer. This tool is capable of scanning any device that can be read by your PC, be it a pen drive or an SSD. This makes sure that the user is aware of the current components of any of their drives and wish to gain more control of their storage choices.

Features That Make Xinorbis A Great Tool To Download

Custom Display of Results

The information that the tool collects regarding the contents of a drive can be viewed in various formats according to your preference. This means you can choose to view the results of the analysis either as a graph, a table or a tree display. This ensures the user can make the best of what is offered to them.

Results Available in Multiple Formats

It is now possible to export results in different file formats to be able to use them further. You can easily generate the report and customize it to best suit your needs. The report can be generated as an XML, HTML, CSV, and ASCII.

Folder History

With this feature, it is possible to compare the contents of a folder at any point in time and date. This makes it possible for the user to track the utility of the drive or folder in question so that they can decide their course of action with more clarity and ease.

Integrated Data

The tool allows you to find out the contents of the drive being scanned, it’s structure, file distribution and the file composition making it an ideal tool to fit all your needs. No need to rely on different software to accomplish these different goals. You can rely on this one-stop solution for achieving your goals.

This is a great tool for all professionals who wish to keep a tab on the amount of storage space they use and the current condition of their devices. It is the best possible way to determine your course of action based on their current usage and the space available to them.


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