Zortam MP3 for PC

Music is such a great way to release stress and to add some spark in your life. You can play music while dancing in the shower, washing dishes or driving down to the grocery store. Music is an integral part of many lives and that every person should be able to access their music when and where they want. 

Zortam MP3 for PC is a great tool that allows users to gain complete control over their music library and manage their playlists accordingly. Several features make this tool a great choice for your music requirements.

Features of Zortam MP3

The MP3 Player

This tool comes with an inbuilt media player that has multiple visualisations. This media player is capable of transferring your collection to android phones and iPhones. The media player can also download album art for batches and has an inbuilt volume normaliser. This makes it a great way to engage with your music collection. 

YouTube Downloader

Zortam MP3 for PC allows you to download videos from YouTube and you can also add lyrics and cover art through this tool. This adds to the ease with which the users interact with the internet to add to their music library. It automatically downloads the album covers for these videos as well. Not only this, it is capable of importing songs from your iTunes library. This makes it a very reliable and versatile tool. 

Catalogue your Collection

With Zortam MP3, it is possible to organise your music library according to artists, albums and genre. You can create and organise different playlists according to your mood and create ID3 tags from filename and rename files with their tag names. This makes it possible to customise your collection in any manner you see fit. 

With these features, one should be convinced that Zortam MP3 for PC is the best choice as far as media players and managers are concerned. Download this tool today to enjoy all its features.


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